Region 1

Region 1 Men’s Gymnastics website

Design by Fabricio (Breeze) Olsson

Click on the screenshots to view old vs. new versions of the site.

Project: Region 1 Gymnastics (Men’s) Website

Description: Main source of communication to members of the Region 1 gymnastics communities (Hawaii, Northern California, Southern California, Nevada & Arizona).

Problem: Updates to competitions, workshops and other events crossing over different state jurisdictions can lead to information that is redundant at best, or worse, inaccurate and outdated.  The old site, a single HTML page, was difficult to navigate and seldom updated.

Solution: Switched from the original HTML site into a PHP content management system.  WordPress was chosen for its versatility, scaleabilit and most importantly, ease of use.  The goal was to create a site structure that was easy to navigate and maintain.

Usage: Hundreds of unique hits per month on the front-end.  Site is used as a portal for all things gymnastics related within the region.  The site is updated but a few times per year, however the information provided is time sensitive and its accuracy critical to hundreds of users throughout the five states that make up Region 1 Gymnastics.

region1gymnastics wordpress screenshotregion1gymnastics old site html screenshot

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