Allergy Season

After many years of denial I finally admitted that I do indeed SUFFER from allergies. I don’t know exactly when/where I decided to say the words, but I am now full fledged stuffed up, drowsy, achy, slobbery and… VERY bitter about the whole thing.

Well. Maybe not bitter, but I am annoyed and trying to cope the best way possible.

Thanks to all my friends who have given me advice of all the ways they have dealt with (or at least heard of from 3rd parties) to deal with the seasonal affliction.

There is much controversy on the subject. What I can and can’t do, eat, drink, etc. Some approaches are down right contradictory of one another. (i.e.: DO eat local honey to strengthen the system of the pollen that affects you vs. DO NOT eat honey.

Just to go on record: I am SOOOO eating honey! And lots of it.

Anywho. What it comes down to is that I decided that (related or not to the allergies) I have not taken very good care of my “temple” and am making a conscious choice to improve the foods I eat in my day to day living. I am not taking any drastic, life-changing approach here, simply taking better care of the ol’ bod! NOT cutting back completely any one thing, but having LESS of the things I know I had WAY too much before. Coffee, for example. So, I AM on the 4th day sans-cafĂ©, but it’s mostly because the guidelines I have choses recommend that I do not have any dairy… and 90% of my dairy intake came with… you guessed it: Coffee!! So, TEA IT IS! Besides, what better way to have my LOCAL HONEY?!?

So: No Dairy; no gluten. That’s pretty much it! Sort of a modified Atkins Diet, if you will. I can have much of the same things I have always eaten (i.e.: meet and fish)… and as long as I can keep on having that backyard haven goodness (BBQ) I’m a happy camper.

To be continued. . .

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