El Rio: Installing the Sink

our FIRST home made bread made with our handy-dandy $10 thrift store automatic bread machine.  AWESOME!Thank’s to some friends of ours and their phenomenal energy, we now have a sink in our cozy little home. In fact, nowadays, we enjoy the comforts of a complete kitchen.
The appliances were delivered by the boys from Western Appliance… placed in their respective locations without any major drama. Refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Fridge and stove were plugged in and tested before they left.
Dan H. came over to install the water lines so the sink, our new fancy-dancy reverse osmosis water filtration system and the dish washer are all in perfect working condition.
Before shot.  This is how I left the kitchen for TWO MONTHS!  Dang!Renovating the kitchen was the first major decision we made after purchasing the trailer. We wanted to start with a beautiful corner sink, than spoke-wheel the rest of the home from there.
So we demolished the kitchen and bought the sink, WAY before we had any concept of the interior design, layout, etc. We shopped around for counter top materials, shapes and sizes and priced out some great options; all of which were quite pricy and none of which were the perfect choice for us.
Measure twice… cut a few times.So, the project lingered. I dragged my feet on the installation of support and brackets (we want the sink to “FLOAT” without a cabinet under it)… and ran out of time before the summer travels (Japan and Brazil) took place.
Two months + went by and the house didn’t have a sink nor any appliances (namely fridge and stove — which we had purchased, but not delivered… at least not until after the sink was placed). It was not much of an issue, for Saki spent very little time in our home over the summer (WEST, house sitting and other things kept her busy).
Before the appliances were brought into the house, David S. showed up one morning, with his Yellow Tonka Truck, to blast through the sink thang. And we did.

We diligently braced the wall to support the weight (and then some).
We rerouted the wiring to the places where appliances will be placed.
We cut the counter top ply wood piece.
We cut the “temporary” counter top (place holder for what will probably be a mosaic project — hopefully in the NEAR future).
We placed the counter top(s).
Sink was slid into place.
Shwaaaah! Nothing but net.

Like a glove

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