Japan Adventure v.2012.5.16



Here we are, at a quirky little Cafe called Mashman. It’s just a little ways from the theater where we are going to see the daughter of  Saki’s mom’s best friend perform.

Amending notes: The show was a contemporary collection of  4 one act plays, all about two people, their conflict and their resolutions all having something to do with one another… somehow.  Of course, I did not understand much of the show, but I got the gist of the story lines.

20120517-183727.jpg It’s been a fun excursion full of coffee stops (machine and sit down) as well as many edible goodies in form of trial/tasters at the supah depatamento stores. After the show we stopped by the Big Camera store (not in picture), many floors of electronic wonder toys.  Unfortunately we were kicked out because the store was closing and we only saw 2 of the 7 levels.



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