The weeks go by

It has been a while since I’ve posed the ongoings, so here is a consolidated update:

Couple-a-Weeks in pix

IMG_3505.JPGDid I tell you someone broke into our house? Yeah. It was awful.  Even though not much was taken, we were pretty shaken by the experience.  We came home to find $12 worth of quarters gone.  “They” also took a bundle of receipts and all of our keys — for the brand new door knobs I had just replaced.   FREAKY!!!  So here is a picture of the peace officer that graciously came to our house and did a perimeter inspection.  Gave us a few tips, fingerprinted the window (I could tell he was just trying to humor me, and that it was a futile action in regards to actually catching anyone). Nevertheless… it was good for the psyche having an ‘authority’ figure there.  Thanks, Santa Cruz Police Dept.
IMG_3559.jpgThere we were, in our living room talking about the new home and the interior design — something that had been, and continues to happen a lot, by the way — when we heard a flapping sound and a swoosh!  It was amazing.  This LARGE hawk took off from the front porch carrying something in its claws.  A few moments later, loud blue jays squawked over a nearby tree.   There it sat, snapping at the petulant feathery creatures, the majestic hawk. Not sure if it had a rodent or a young blue jay, but it took turns shooing off  the blue jays and taking bites off the fresh catch.  Cool… nature show right out my windows!

First Night… a very good night indeed.Saki took off to go to Hawaii, then Japan.  If all goes according to plan, I will be joining her and her family there (oh, visa gods, hear my plea!). This is a picture of my first full night in the house.   I think it’s appropriate that the thumbnail shows me, in the living room makeshift bed with ONE eye open.  Still shook up about the break-in, I left a couple lights on outside and in…  I HATE feeling like this.  Fear of what “may” be there… I wanna curse the ones responsible for this eerie feeling… [deep breath]… I am grateful that it was a peaceful break-in, that it gave us an opportunity to improve the security of the house… damn it!  I LOVED the fact that my previous 3 homes were SELDOM loked!  Heck… i didn’t even HAVE a key to Iman’s place!  [deep breath]

Mai Tai continues to grace us with her presence in unexpected places.In the daytime, when the ghosts of my imagination rest, the magic and beauty of the new home are abundantly evident all around me.  Mai Tai, the resident cat from across the road, continues to grace us with her presence in unexpected places.  I was getting something from the front seat of the car when she climbed up onto the hood, then to the top of the warm sunroof of the car.  Big smiles on my face… Thank you SO much, Mai Tai.

New phone, new photo filter… but service is crummy (boohoo) so I'm gonna return it.The search for internet service and/or a cell phone service that can best suit our needs continues.  This time, I purchased a fancy-dancy android phone from Costco.  It’s with T-Mobile, which we LOVED when we had service with them last time. Only, this time I’m afraid the customer service awesomeness will NOT outweigh the LACK of cell phone/data reception in the very places I need it most.  Bummer.  Nevertheless, the phone has an awesome camera and a few fun  filters to go with it.  This is me, lying on the bed (thank you David for helping with the oversize, overweight shlepping).

The Saga of the Bricks!  Thanks to Tom and Iman, I am now the proud owner of a pile of bricks.  The plan is to have a Brazilian BBQ built on the back yard… but that will probably have to wait until the fall to happen.  Meanwhile, I have to shlep (love that word, by the way) them from the clownhouse to El Rio, find a place for them and make it look good enough for the anual inspection in May.  Ummm… So, I spent a LONG time carrying them from their backyard to the car.  Stacked them BEAUTIFULLY in the trunk of the car (newspaper to protect the carpet and everything). The mere purring of the engine was enough to generate a mild rumble in the back of the car.  I released the parking break and gently glided down the driveway… then… a thunderous earthquake noise, a bump on the back of the driver seat, and dust flew all around me… DANG!  I looked on the rear-view mirror… took a deep breath and decided that of my two options, re-arranging the stack and driving home to assess the situation, I chose the later.  Next day, I spent 7.5 hours working on the back yard, weeding, shoveling, raking.  It was AWESOME! My body was fatigued, but my mind and soul fueled and filled.  Work was great (gym) before I transported in the dark (headlamp and wheel barrel) the bricks from the car to the pallet.  DONE!

Stan and I take on the kitchen project.  Everything must go… and it did!I was hoping to get this stuff done with David, but our schedules have not helped the cause.  So, I called over Stan the Handy-man and he helped me stripped down the kitchen and patch up the window/gutter leak.  Thanks Stan for the awesome help (physically and emotionally).  It’s great having a second set of eyes as I took on a couple of tasks that I am fairly comfortable doing, but am VERY grateful not to be doing alone.

RUSTOLEUM, hah! love that name. Trying to make the side paneling of the ol' trailer last 55 MORE years.Day two: Rustolium is my new best friend.  The exterior metal facing is VERY rusted out, so this will help extend the life of this 55-year old coach.

Next: electric circuit for the new kitchen, which should be arriving any day now.

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