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We are on the train going south(ish) from Sapporo to Hakodate, both on the northern-most island of Hokkaido. It is beautiful country out here. On one side of the tracks are amazing green hills still showing signs of the harshly cold winters (permafrost in some spots). To our left we […]

Hokkaido on my mind

We have traveled to the western board of Japan, Northwest of Kyoto thru a number of towns and villages, across hills, valleys, tunnels and many, many rice fields. The little city of Kinosaki is famous for its natural hot springs and bath houses (Onsen). There are seven Onsen within a […]

Kinosaki Onsen

Much has happened in the last couple of days. I fulfilled my long lost dream of watching a Sumo Championships IN PERSON!  We took a stroll through the most famous fish market in the world.  We visited the outskirts of Tokyo, eating some of the most amazing pastries/bread EVER! Not […]

Japan Adventure v.2012.5.18

Here we are, at a quirky little Cafe called Mashman. It’s just a little ways from the theater where we are going to see the daughter of  Saki’s mom’s best friend perform. Amending notes: The show was a contemporary collection of  4 one act plays, all about two people, their conflict […]

Japan Adventure v.2012.5.16

It has been a while since I’ve posed the ongoings, so here is a consolidated update: Couple-a-Weeks in pix Did I tell you someone broke into our house? Yeah. It was awful.  Even though not much was taken, we were pretty shaken by the experience.  We came home to find […]

The weeks go by