Monthly Archives: March 2012

Today was a slower day as far as remodeling is concerned, compared to yesterday’s four-person-hurricane, anyways. I got to the trailer around 8:45 and began with the traditional open all the windows routine. Than, I got busy picking weeds from the walkway to the backyard (bricks). That was fun… If […]

Window treatment

It’s a good day when… … your best friends wake you up when you thought you needed to sleep in. … You have brunch at a restaurant, listening to great live jazz and using cloth napkins… Wearing torn sweats, stained pants and old sneakers. … You only have to take […]

A good remodeling day…

So, my boys competed very well this weekend at the 2012 Level 5 state qualifier meet. Both Trevor and Lukas qualified to State Championships. As a treat to myself, I drove up highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway), sightseeing and listening to some amazing music. What an amazing world this is!

Boys did great and I got a treat