Monthly Archives: March 2010

Recently Breeze had the amazing opportunity to perform for a very special group of people, the in-house media department of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I will not say much about the project, which launched as part of a new exhibit, March 29, 2010.  Suffice to say that it features yours […]

Green Screen at Monterery Bay Aquarium

So. I’m like… a eco-friendly type person thingy!  I like animals. I know some fun facts about carbon emissions, alternative fuels, renewable energy, recycling, etc.  I do a few things I feel are appropriate to minimize my impact on the ecosystems surrounding me. Here is a little fellow who could […]

Taking over the world

“In the arms of your angel, may you find some comfort here,” sarah sings on my headphones. I like this song, a lot. Just drove to trader joe’s where I had an arranged meeting to sell the old vacuum clener.  One more item decluttered from the house and that makes […]

Missing an Angel