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Project: Northern California Boys Gymnastics Association WebsiteDescription: Main source of communication between the Board members and the general membership (coaches, gym owners, parents and atheletes).

Problem: During the competitive season updates are frequent and require multiple administrators.  HTML is not user friendly when more than one person needs to change content.  Also, administrators are in separate geographic locations, so file management by FTP becomes cumbersome.

Solution: Switched from an HTML site into a PHP content management system.  Joomla was chosen for its versatility and scaleability.  Eventually, the site was deemed too broad and many of the originally intended features unnecessary.  So the Joomla project was scrapped and the current WordPress version created.

Usage: Hundreds of unique hits per month on the front-end.  Multiple newsletters sent each month to 200+ registered users.

NCBGA WordPress site screen shotNCBGA new site screenshotNCBGA old website screenshot

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