West Performing Arts Summer Brochure

Design by Fabricio (Breeze) Olsson

Click on the image to view larger version or click here to open/save pdf file (link available soon)

Project: Brochure for Childrens’ Theatre Summer Program

Description: Legal Paper, Tri-fold, Double-Sided Color Brochure

Problem: How to created a design that stands out from highly competitive industry (children’s summer camps/workshops) in Santa Cruz?  Design on a budget a brochure that, after initial offset printing batch can easily be reproduced inhouse “as needed.”

Solution: Found images from inexpensive stock photography website that implies a “magical feeling” and celebrates the child’s imagination.  The cover, created in photoshop with high resolution, can be printed as 11×17 poster and can easily be re-sized for local newspaper publications.  The deliberate use of white space in the calendar side renders the brochure ink/toner friendly when printing in-house.

Usage: 1,200 printed for distribution via direct mail and to schools throughout the Santa Cruz County area.  “On-demand” printing in-house.  File also available for download from company’s website.

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