New Hobby? 1


This week I took on a new project. The act in itself is not out of the ordinary, but the fact that it is a completely new medium to me IS the novelty.
I bought the wood drawing kit at Palace Arts, Downtown Santa Cruz, on sale, of course (post-Christmas sale) and this is the first, and second projects I did with it.
Both pieces of wood came with the kit and I chose my brother’s (Alex) newly acquired home as the subject matter. The sketch of the house is a reproduction of a drawing Lilian (my sister in law) did on my sketchbook , with the ‘help’ of my niece, Isabella, as artistic director — note giant rendition of Don Corleone, the biggest squirrel in the history of urban wild animal encounters.
I’m happy with the results. I look forward to many more hours of burning pine slabs to come.

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