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Removing the old tiles from walls and floor in the kitchenPlease note that when it comes to work ACTUALLY accomplished, I use the term “we” VERY loosely!  I mean… I am often present when said work is being performed!  That counts for SOMETHING, don’t it!?!?

Let it be said that I always OFFER, but the contractor forbids me from doing any meaningful building activities  — he IS my godfather, after all, therefore KNOWS me enough —  thus preventing me from f$%&#ing things up!


Using the awesome marking pen I got for him... what would he do w/o me?!?Last week we gutted out the kitchen, taking out the wall and floor tiles.  HEY! I actually helped there (carried a BUNCH of buckets full bussup tiles from the apartment to “Dindo’s” pickup in the garage.

Then we had a bit of a glitch.  The materials (purchased on tuesday) were supposed to be delivered on Wednesday.  Well… we found out Friday afternoon that Tumelero tried to deliver it as contracted to do, Wed. pm, but could not get a hold of anyone.   Ummm… this MAY be true, as the intercom in the apartment IS busted, my phone seldom works IN the apartment and they didn’t have Dindo’s number.  Anyways.  He, in his not-so-subtle, mildly hot-tempered self, paid the boys at Tumelero a visit, and after threatening to cancel the credit card charge and taking his long-lasted business relationship elsewhere… voila!  Presto-deliveration: Monday afternoon, no charge!

So. Now the material is all neatly packed in the garage and being brought out little by little (hey, I’s helping again!) as needed.

New tiles look BEAUTIFUL!!!Almost forgot to mention: I sat downstairs, by the building gates on a lawn chair.  Freezing Cold.  Raining (though I was under cover).  Waiting for almost 3 hours (watched Hereafter on my cellphone — great movie, by the way) for the delivery truck to come.  I wasn’t about to take ANY chances this time.  Didn’t want to hold up another day to get the work going in the apartment.

SEE!!! I'M HELPING!!!So now things are rolling well on schedule again.  Two days for the tiles to go in the kitchen.  Tomorrow “we” start the service area (laundry space next to kitchen) with the same tiles.  After that, the floor (kitchen and laundry), then the fo-wood flooring in the living room and rooms.

To Be Continued. . .

Putting in the LAST (and definately trickiest) tile in the kitchen.  Ta-da!!!

Putting in the LAST (and definately trickiest) tile in the kitchen. Ta-da!!!

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