Funderao Canyon… sort of

Today I went on a beautiful hike near Funderão Canyon, near São Francisco de Paula, RS.

breeze by araucario treeWe hiked for 6 hours (minus a 45-minute lunch stop) in what turned out to be a warm day in the sun.  The warmest since I arrived in Brazil, actually.

The van that took us there, dropped us off on some dirt road.  We hoofed to some unmarked trail head that was supposed to take us down to the canyon (8 or so kilometers, according to an easy-going local).  We never found said canyon.  Nevertheless I had fun (of course).  LOVED being in the woods.  Loved that I had to carry my heavy duty windbreaker jacket IN MY BACKPACK and didn’t have to wear it.  In fact, I wore a lycra undershirt and a t-shirt… enough to have a sweaty back after just a few minutes.  Sweet!

Click on the picture to see my picasaweb album.

PS: Here are two a couple of related links to our little adventure.

1. From X: Photos picasaweb

2. From X: Google Earth Marker of where we SHOULD have started the trail.

3. From Adrian: Google earth GPS path we took.

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