Porto Alegrando

You heard it here first! Isn’t “PortoAlegrando” a GREAT name for a website about the beautiful “capital gaucha”?  I think it is… but don’t think will invest the 20 bucks/year to keep this awesome idea to myself… or will i!?!?


check out my Porto Alegre photos on picasa

Urban Hiking - where many men have gone beforeAnother brilliant idea I’ve had is the creation of a new sport: “Urban Hiking.” That’s right… I strap on my hiking boots, a daypack, plenty of water and head out on a city trek where plenty of men have gone before… but I haven’t!

If you haven’t been to the Porto Alegre Botanical Garden (as I had not), please take some time next time you come to visit the city.  It’s truly a beautiful haven away from all the cityness around.

There are so many little gems — some of them not even all-that-hidden.  With a little bit of patience, a good pair of shoes and the ability to turn one’s head a few degrees either direction… the best exercise is practicing observation.  I never cease to be amazed.

Mural painting on Protasio Alves, Porto Alegre

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