Continuando as Visitas 2

What a terrific trip this has been.  I am SOOOOO fortunate to have this chance to spend time… no… invest time with my family and friends.  Particularly with the elders, who have shown amazing gratitude every time  I visit them.

Little do they know… I am the lucky one.

What wonderful little tid-bits of knowledge they’ve shared with me.  Anecdotes of life from a time long before mine on this amazing planet.  I LOVE hearing their stories.  I LOVE to see the twinkle in their eyes, as they talk about the simple facts of life.

Passeio ao redor da quadra com evory e cacau“Papai caçava passarinho e voltava com um saco cheio.  A gente comia passarinho, como se come hoje, o franguinho.” [Daddy would hunt ‘birds’ and bring a bag full of them.  We ate birds then, as we do Cornish GameHen today.]

“A gente colocava dois paus embaixo de uma tabua, passava graxa, e descia  lomba abaixo.” [We’d put two sticks/2×4 under a slab of wood, coat them in grease and go down a hill] — that explains the whole boys from Brazil thing… I can’t help it, it’s 3 generagions of shenanigans, dog on it!!!

music timevoh smilingMy grandma, who lives nowadays in a pseudo-catatonic state, has shown motor control, communication and psychologic improvements since my arrival (according to the care provider who lives with her).  YES!!! I too have noticed that she is much more responsive to conversation, chimes in more often adding her comment to the topic at hand, and, most impressive, leans over to me to ask questions about something that I discussed on a previous visit.

I do not have false hopes that she will return to the grandma I knew decades ago, but to know that she now smiles several times a day, that she has for the first time in months taken iniciative to hold her own spoon for soup, that she has not ONCE been told to calm down a tantrom in my presence (used to be several times in one hour)… I don’t know… I do not take credit for her improvement… I DO express my gratitude for the opportunity to be here and now.



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2 thoughts on “Continuando as Visitas

  • Carol

    Que lindo o post meu irmão e que bom que estas tendo esta possibilidade!

  • Saki

    I love the pictures. Thank you for writing so poetically the captions. I’m soooooooo glad you are there boy from Brasil. You look fabulous and very very happy. Giant smiles!!!!!! Enjoy every minute! Now go Young Monkey and know that I am with you always.