S.L.V. Water Saving Tip: Check for Leaks

Repair Leaks. Check your water system for leaks.  Visit www.slvwd.com for help and instructions.
MAKE SURE YOUR HOSE CONNECTORS HAVE WASHERS. Plastic or rubber washers prevent leaks… they also deteriorate over time, so check them a couple of times this season.
And while you’re at it, INSTALL IRRIGATION DEVICES that are most water efficient for each use, such as drip irrigation and soaker hoses.  (but whatever system you use, remember to shut it off on rainy days)
But why stop the savings there!? Replace your old water-hoggin’ toilet and $ave ca$h!!!  If you live in the San Lorenzo Valley area (near Santa Cruz, CA), San Lorenzo Valley District gives up to $100 credit to households that install more efficient toilets (1.6 gallons or less per flush).

More info at http://www.slvwd.com or 831.338.2153

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