S.L.V. Water District Tip: Washing 1

Washing Machine Full LoadDo full loads of wash in your kitchen and laundry.  It will improve the life of your machine as well as save a bundle of moolah every month in electricity/gas/water bills.

Ready to get rid of (and by that I mean donate it to a local charity or at least recycle it) that old clunker?  Purchase an Energy-Star labeled washing machine. San Lorenzo Valley District (near Santa Cruz, CA) gives up to $100 credit.

Tips from San Lorenzo Valley Water District:
More info at http://www.slvwd.com or 831.338.2153

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One thought on “S.L.V. Water District Tip: Washing

  • olssonf Post author

    Turns out, the front loaders can be a bit more expensive at the time of purchase, but there are SEVERAL benefits (over their top-loading cousins):
    a. use a LOT less water, saving mucho moola each year, overcoming multiple times the original expense at the time of purchase over the lifetime of the machine.
    b. on average, they don’t break down as much: less moving parts = less parts to break down.
    c. more gentle on the clothes — don’t stretch, twist or rip as much as the agitating action of the top-loaders.