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This is Fatboy. He’s… Well… Large. As the weather in Santa Cruz continues to grace us with beautiful sunny mornings, the not-so-fabulous part is that the air insists on being über-chilly! SO, this beast shows up every morning at our doorstep to warm up on the porch. Love it!!!

Grooving, on a Sunday afternoon

Breeze and Saki performing with Gingersnaps at Mixed Nutz
So, tonight I am working a bit late at the gym (Santa Cruz Sports Central) and snooping around in the photos folder to see if there are any good pictures of me… there are (of course) so here are a few from the last few years of gymnastics fun in […]

Working Late

BACKGROUND This post is a response to a video my friend Mo posted on Facebook earlier today. I was horrified by the shocking images and think it’s important to share the information as an educative tool. The video, uncovered by Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International and distributed by PETA (People for the […]

Educate. Do not hate!

Please note that when it comes to work ACTUALLY accomplished, I use the term “we” VERY loosely!  I mean… I am often present when said work is being performed!  That counts for SOMETHING, don’t it!?!? Let it be said that I always OFFER, but the contractor forbids me from doing […]

Apartment Update

Today I went on a beautiful hike near Funderão Canyon, near São Francisco de Paula, RS. We hiked for 6 hours (minus a 45-minute lunch stop) in what turned out to be a warm day in the sun.  The warmest since I arrived in Brazil, actually. The van that took […]

Funderao Canyon… sort of