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“It’s leveled. It’s leveled. I don’t need a walking stick!” She said getting up off the couch in the Ahwahnee Hotel (martini glass at hand) yol’semite 5/8/2010 genius 1: (with toilet paper package on hand)I thought you were going to buy it! genius 2(looks at six pack on his own […]

Memorable Quotes from Traveling Adventures

Recently Breeze had the amazing opportunity to perform for a very special group of people, the in-house media department of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I will not say much about the project, which launched as part of a new exhibit, March 29, 2010.  Suffice to say that it features yours […]

Green Screen at Monterery Bay Aquarium

So. I’m like… a eco-friendly type person thingy!  I like animals. I know some fun facts about carbon emissions, alternative fuels, renewable energy, recycling, etc.  I do a few things I feel are appropriate to minimize my impact on the ecosystems surrounding me. Here is a little fellow who could […]

Taking over the world

“In the arms of your angel, may you find some comfort here,” sarah sings on my headphones. I like this song, a lot. Just drove to trader joe’s where I had an arranged meeting to sell the old vacuum clener.  One more item decluttered from the house and that makes […]

Missing an Angel

Santa Cruz, February 21, 2010 Last night I was reprimanded by a security officer at the San Francisco International Airport for a serious infraction: standing too close to a passenger exit portal while trying to catch one last glimpse of my beloved wife heading to her gate. It is important […]

SFO: Safety Faulty, Overprotective

So, I just bought a new (old) computer from a thrift store. 50 bucks and a few hours of installing/updating and I’m almost ready to plug it into my projector and watch thousands of hours of Netflix movies. Ummmm… big screen! But before that can happen, I’d like to recap […]

New Windows Machine