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Vermicompost: Making a Simple Worm Bin Keeping our small household kitchen scraps off the landfill As a “Master Composter” I have taught workshops and volunteered at booths to share the word about Composting, Recycling and Waste Management. Imagery is important (to me, anywho).  Start with an incentive.

Global Worming

Repair Leaks. Check your water system for leaks.  Visit for help and instructions. MAKE SURE YOUR HOSE CONNECTORS HAVE WASHERS. Plastic or rubber washers prevent leaks… they also deteriorate over time, so check them a couple of times this season. And while you’re at it, INSTALL IRRIGATION DEVICES that are […]

S.L.V. Water Saving Tip: Check for Leaks

Master GoofBall 1
This is a test post. It’s where I test out new features, styles, etc. if the facebook plugin works, the world as i know it will see this post… well… my so-called facebook friends, anywho! here it goes! [youtube][/youtube] testing video: [quicktime][/quicktime]