Theater Performance is a LIVE event and I love that about this art form.  Multiple performances of a single show are ALWAYS different.  Anything can (and often does) go off plan/script. AND I love that video archives can be used by producers/directors as a tool for reinventing their own work […]

2015 WEST season is on!!!

Nem todo mundo que eu conheço fala (ou gosta de ler) inglês, e notei que a maioria do que eu coloco na internet, tanto por meio deste blog quanto em redes sociais é escrito em inglês. Então, ha uns dias eu decidí compartilhar com minha família, meus amigos e com […]

1000 Palavras

After many years of denial I finally admitted that I do indeed SUFFER from allergies. I don’t know exactly when/where I decided to say the words, but I am now full fledged stuffed up, drowsy, achy, slobbery and… VERY bitter about the whole thing. Well. Maybe not bitter, but I […]

Allergy Season

Dec. 26th, 2012. Today is my best day Wake up early Make coffee Drop Lilian off at the bus stop Gas up car in Tenafly Drive to Bethlehem Witness bird migration Get coffee for Nana Have a heart to heart alone with Nana – learn about her childhood Watch DVD […]

East Coast Holiday

Yesterday was a perfect Santa Cruz work day! What I mean by that is that I had a FULL work day (14 hours or so)… But not all in a row and NOT all in the same job. That’s the way Santa Cruz operates: Odd jobs. Computer, Graphic Design Coaching, […]

Odd Jobs!

Vermicompostagem Doméstica: Construindo um minhocario caseiro Transformando lixo orgânico em humus para ser usado em jardins e vasos. Ha 5 anos eu trabalho como “Mestre de Compostagem” com Ecology Action (em Santa Cruz, California). Palestramos em escolas, feiras e outros eventos, passando pro publico infomações sobre Compostagem, Vermicompostagem (usando minhocas) […]

Minhocas em Casa

The view from our hotel room lanai (balcony) at the Trump Hotel in Waikiki is one of the most beautiful “postcard” sunsets I have ever seen. The quintessential image of the amber sky, light clouds to break up the blue vastness with a little texture, the boats, surfers, and para […]

A sunset in every bottle

Thank’s to some friends of ours and their phenomenal energy, we now have a sink in our cozy little home. In fact, nowadays, we enjoy the comforts of a complete kitchen. The appliances were delivered by the boys from Western Appliance… placed in their respective locations without any major drama. […]

El Rio: Installing the Sink